Honoring the Promise to Our Afghan Allies

Providing safe passage, relocation, resettlement, and resilience

Working Together to Save Lives

Task Force Pineapple is a private-public partnership with a level of bipartisanship that has not been seen in the U.S. since 9/11. In August 2021 there was an expedited withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. To honor the promise to our at-risk Afghan allies, a diverse group of individuals and organizations came together to save lives. A fully virtual underground railroad, dubbed The Pineapple Express, was put in place to honor that promise.

Answering the Call

We answered the call from our Afghan allies who fought alongside us for decades, shoulder-to-shoulder. Allies who share our values, with whom we broke bread and with whom we have bled on the battlefield. We support not just the Afghan Special Operations Forces that we know personally but all at-risk Afghans, especially Afghan women, children, LBGTQ+, artists, and athletes.

It was our duty as Americans to leave no one behind.

Our Mission Sets: A Holistic Approach

Safe Passage

An experienced guide will help provide safe passage for Afghan heroes as they transition from a volatile and dangerous environment


Afghan heroes are relocated to a safe location where they will pursue legal status and reside in the country of their choosing


Focusing on the more long-term needs of Afghan heroes in the U.S. to help them fully integrate at the community level


Building resilience and readiness to ensure that Afghan heroes are self-actualized, ready, and able to operate from a position of strength and independence

Task Force Pineapple in the News

Uniting Behind a Common Cause

This is an opportunity to cross political lines and come together. Regardless of race, age, creed, or political identification, we can unite behind getting our at-risk Afghan allies home to freedom and safety.


Support our Mission to Honor the Promise

Help provide safe passage, relocation, resettlement, and resilience for our at-risk Afghan Allies